More Adventures in House Hunting

Today was a bit of a let-down. The three properties on the schedule were nowhere near having “favourite on paper” status, but I did say I’d look at everything.

Clinton the Estate Agent phoned me this morning. House number 1 of today’s little trio was sold yesterday. Not particularly bothered as this one “needed some work” and after yesterday’s experience of a house that “needs a bit of work”, I’ve decided that I want something that is perfect as I’m just not up for gutting a property and starting again. I can’t even paint a wall without losing interest and would end up just wallowing in squalor (maybe that’s what happened to House Number 3 yesterday) …

House Number 3 on today’s list had also cancelled. It hasn’t sold but the vendors were too hungover to show me round. Gotta respect that.

So, over to House Number 2 which became just “House” today … I wasn’t expecting to buy this one – it’s a bit far away from the station and on a road that, for no good reason, I don’t particularly like. I met “Clinton” the agent and assumed my poker face for the viewing. It’s a definite “no” (by now I was feeling a bit like Simon Cowell) but, interestingly, the house was identical in its original structure to yesterday’s party palace, House Number 7. Identical without an extension, decent kitchen, carpets etc. etc. etc. It did, however, have a bath rather than a shower so now I know for sure that my stumbling block with that particular property is easily overcome. Asking price for this house was only £2.5k less than that one … considering it needs around £20k worth of work (at least) to get it up to the other house’s standard, I think we can all work out why it’s a “no”.

Drove home via my two favourites from yesterday and I’m still none the wiser as to which one I want. I shall leave it in the lap of the gods (or the lovely staff of the Barnehurst branch of The Halifax as I like to call the gods these days).

Four days left for Your Move to sell my house. Excuse me while I laugh hysterically. And then it’s love ya, miss ya, mean it and back to square one!!! Let the games begin.


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