Things I may have accidentally done in a previous life

The run of bad luck I’ve been having recently can’t be co-incidence. There’s the ongoing moving house debacle, then my little car getting smashed up at the station and leaving me “without wheels” for 3 weeks and all sorts of other little irritations I can’t be bothered to go into. So, fans of Karma, what on earth did I do to deserve this? It’s got to be something along the lines of:

Invading Poland
Invading Hastings
Murdering a number of prostitutes in the East End of Victorian London
Carelessly dropping a match in Pudding Lane
Torturing heroic freedom fighter William Wallace to death
Killing Harry Potter’s Mum and Dad
Inventing slavery
Assassinating Ghandi
Dropping a house on a disabled girl with rather flamboyant taste in footwear
Looking the wrong way to keep the icy breeze out of my face during a late night lookout shift on the Titanic
Writing the musical (*) Rent
Dissolving the monastaries and declaring myself Head of the Church of England
Knocking England out of the World Cup by using my hand to get the ball in the net to score the winner
Stealing an apple from the Tree of Life

I am sure I shall think of some more …

* The word “musical” is for ease of reference only and does not reflect the views of the blogger.


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