The Home Strait

Continuing with my Marathon theme … I’m now finally seeing a light at the end of the conveyancing tunnel with “the move” – a saga so tedious and incredible that R-Pattz is in negotiations to play the part of the Idiot Estate Agent.

After the collapse of “the chain” just before Easter, I was resigned to being back at Square One. Since then we’ve gone from Square One to being on the brink of Square Done in just a couple of weeks. All I need to do is sign the contract which will happen this week and it’s time to start stressing about getting the cats in baskets and off to their new home.

Yesterday I went to have another look at the house I’m now buying and took my Mum along for the ride – warning her that it really doesn’t matter if she hates it as she wont have to live there. Fortunately she didn’t hate it and she only referred to cats as pussies once within the earshot of the vendors. Her only objection to the place was that there were “coats hanging up in the hall”. Shocking use of … er … coat hooks.

So, I am weeks away from the whole nightmare being over. No more racist viewers, idiot viewers and jaw-droppingly stupid Estate Agents. I am NEVER doing this again (until I get bored in a few years and sell up).


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