The EX Factor

Screw you British public – how bloody DARE you vote out Nicolo and save the likes of Cher, Wand Erection and the David Bellamy Tribute band. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. If you look on popular TV forums (hello Digital Spy), anybody who posts anything with the slightest hint of irony and sarcasm is always completely misunderstood by the majority of forum members. So with the X Factor spin doctors telling viewers that NICOLO IS A DIVA coupled with the fact that he’s a dirty foreigner (sarcasm people) and, worse still, a dirty foreigner with a wickedly dry sense of humour, it meant he was never going to go the distance. The fact that he has a personality doesn’t help. The terrible song choice was the final nail in his X Factor coffin. Dannii is entirely to blame, choosing to focus on her angsty favourites Matt and Aiden instead. Cheryl had a point about him wearing sunglasses – but I think the real reason they made him wear them was so that he didn’t scare the viewers with eyes that weren’t completely dead.

The demise of FYD was not such a surprise. Cowell and his minions have (allegedly) already invested in Katie Weasel (yes, I know that’s not her real name) so a Week One exit was not on the agenda. As it stands, the controversy over her inclusion rages on. I absolutely hate her voice, but FYD were pretty crap as well so they were no big loss. I was impressed by Katie’s choice of survival song – it had at least 8 different words in it and she didn’t forget them.

But, without lovely Nicolo, the show has lost its shine for me. He was the most interesting contestant we’ve seen since Rhydian – different, original, intelligent and talented. What the HELL was he doing on X Factor? At the moment, I’m not sure I can be arsed to watch any more but I expect I’ll keep it on the Sky Plus, forward through all the crap and just watch the good bits. It’ll give me something to do during Corrie’s Monday night ad break. And probably leave me time to make a cup of tea as well.


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