Rejection is the new black

My 10 favourite bits of am dram rejection feedback from a 20 year “career”
(in no particular order)

Disclaimer: Looking back, most of these, in their context, had very, very good reasons for picking others above me but the wording has always been classic …

1. We cast X instead of you as she showed more potential to improve
2. You came a close second (repeat x infinity)
3. You have an unfair advantage as you can sing in tune
4. Yes, you have a part. You are playing X, a non-singing, non-speaking chorus girl
5. You were too short for the leading man
6. Sorry, your voice was too trained
7. You were shorter than the child we cast as Dodger, it would never have worked (yes this was Oliver! Yes, it was a bloody good point!)
8. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t sing, she looked right and the minute she stepped onto the stage she was having the part
9. Ooooh, somebody thinks she’s versatile (on my decision to go for all 3 parts in a G&S covering quite the range!)
10. We can’t all be young and attractive

And an honourable mention to:
11. You’ve got a part. You need to sing it in the style of dancers back before they could sing

This is all written as somebody who has managed to be the only person to audition for a part and STILL not get it. Sometimes, my perceptions of my ability are a bit nuts. Sometimes, the perceptions of production teams are just as crazy. Mostly, we probably all get it right but when it’s wrong, it’s funny. Well, looking back …


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