Day One – Done. Sort of.

God this health and fitness thing is boring. Today has been one big chain of temptation.

Woke up. It was cold. Toyed with driving to the station. Persuaded myself that as it actually takes longer to drive than it does to walk, I could cope with the 13 minute stroll to get my train. On the way I finally figured out why I loathe walking anywhere. I have stupidly short legs (everything about me is stupidly short to be fair). Everybody can overtake me. Literally everybody. Tall people, short people, pensioners, toddlers … today I was overtaken by a girl who was probably about the same height as me. As she grew more and more distant I watched her and realised I was taking exactly the same number of steps but have about half her “stride”. Stupidly short legs, see. So, to anybody who has ever been frustrated by my inability to keep up – spare a thought for the fact that I’m having to travel at least twice as fast as you just to keep up. Runners would tell me I need to see a podiatrist for a gait analysis. I’d tell them to chill out and walk at my pace.

Anyway, resisted the temptation to buy a second breakfast on arrival at work and got through the morning without eating my lunch until half past twelve. Then managed to avoid the temptation to buy crisps. I walked downstairs to the cafe but somehow will power kicked in.

After work I again did not buy crisps and it didn’t even occur to me to get a bus or a cab home from the station. This is real progress.
Admittedly all the way home I was trying to justify not going to the gym. After all I’d even done some walking today. Somehow, the will power persevered and I went to my pre-booked aqua aerobics class. Aqua aerobics is the only thing I do where I don’t long not to be the youngest person in the class. The average age is probably around 75 – and that’s allowing for the odd 30-something who has turned up. It suits me as it doesn’t put pressure on my buggered knee. But I do feel a twat thrashing about with the pensioners.

Home now and OK I’ve just had a mini bar of chocolate. What do you expect? Miracles.

More healthy food and my first ever Zumba class tomorrow night.

Screw you February – I can DO this.


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