30 day song challenge. Day 1. “Your favourite song”.

OK so this is a new game on Facebook. I thought I’d play along but do it without looking ahead and planning my playlist. Tricky. I could end up tripping over myself by picking something way too early and then being massively stuck on a later category. But, let’s do it.

Tonight, night one, is easy. They are breaking us in gently. “Choose your favourite song”.

Bloody hell. That’s actually really tough.

If I’m being honest, I don’t have one. I think every song has probably been my favourite at some point. Except songs from Rent (back to that later, no doubt. I know there’ll be a round for “songs you hate”). So what I’m going to do is look at the required song for the day and picking the first song that jumps into my head.

So, today it is

If it isn’t my favourite of all time then it should be. Probably my favourite most days, it’s the song that never fails to provide the overture for good times. I associate it with Glastonbury, brilliant baaaaaaaaaaarge weekends (sorry Alex) and nights out that are so unforgettable I was definitely too drunk to remember them. We have requested it at every karaoke or club night, wedding or party since the song was released. It defines me and my friends. I don’t think I have ever come to the end of this song without a massive smile on my face, singing along “Bonjela” … it represents the best of times with the best of friends. I’ll seek it out on the radio and those first bars send me to my happy place. Wherever we are in the world and however long it’s been since we saw each other, I guarantee this song will have every single one of the original dark side singing along and raising a glass to Random Cat Toe and the best job in the world.


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