30 day song challenge. Day 3. “A song that makes you happy”.

Lots of songs make me happy. That’s the point of music. But I guess this challenge is supposed to say something about me and it wouldn’t be right not to include Duran Duran. They were the massive band of my teens and made me fall in love with good pop music. “New Moon on Monday” comes from their third album, “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” – thought by many to be their best. I’m rediscovering the Durannies a bit at the moment – their new stuff is in the same style as Ragged Tiger and its predecessor Rio, and Simon Le Bon and John Taylor are obsessed with Twitter – imagine how badly I’d have failed all my exams if they’d had Twitter in the 80s and I could have followed their every move. Reading up on the “boys” more recently I managed to completely miss the stories of their drinking and drug abuse back in the day – how naive was I? Well, I guess I was 13.

For some reason this song also reminds me of very good times when I worked in advertising. Every Monday I’d come to work with good intentions and at the end of the day my friend and I would inevitably head to the bar for “a quick drink after work” – a quick drink that would end up with me running up a massive tab and getting the last train home. This song would often play a part. My intentions are as slack today – but the opportunities for quick drinks on a Monday not so frequent as most of my friends have succumbed to sensible choices of partners and children. Once in a while though, perhaps once in a new moon, I can still light my torch with the best of them …


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