30 day song challenge. Day 6. “A song that reminds you of somewhere”.

The main song that reminds me of “Somewhere” is the song “Somewhere” from West Side Story. It doesn’t entirely take me to a happy place though (that’s another story).

So, after a lot of thought I realised that the songs I was thinking of reminded me more of places in time rather than actual places. So I decided to dedicate today’s song to one of my favourite places in the world – Glastonbury. Particularly appropriate as today I paid the balance for my ticket for this summer’s festival.

Back in 2007 it rained pretty much the whole of the five days. But one massive highlight was the two sets from Amy Winehouse. She performed on the Pyramid Stage in the middle of the afternoon – sober, coherent and wowing the capacity crowd. Later that night she performed again on the Jazz World stage – not quite so sober or coherent but still producing an amazing set. This was back before Blake (incarcerated) and the whole “punching a fan” incident we had at her next appearance at the festival.

I’ll never forget her cover of ‘Cupid’ singing along and dancing in the rain with a pint of pear cider in my hand and making new friends who sang and danced along with us and who I’ll never see again. And at that moment, despite the forecast remaining unrelentingly grim, I didn’t give a toss.


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