30 day song challenge. Day 7. “A song that reminds you of a certain event”.

A very odd choice this time. Just as the weather starts to look a bit summery, I’ve decided to take us back to Christmas. But not wanting to single out any one person’s wedding or party I’ve gone for a song that reminds me of a number of events – from the days we used to sing in the shopping centre in Dartford to promote Orchard shows.

‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ was maybe a bit ambitious, particularly with no rehearsal and everybody wanting to be Bono (even though he’s an enormous tool).

Our shopping centre appearances always became more erratic as the day progressed – mainly as the half hour between sets was spent in the nearest pub. But this time, we were erratic from the start. My genius idea to let everybody sing a few lines and cajole the more reluctant soloists amongst my friends to join in backfired in spectacular fashion as we screeched our way through everybody’s favourite Christmas song – while supportive friend Lou B (excused from singing duties due to having just given birth) stood cheering us on with tears of laughter streaming down her face.

That’s probably my most memorable shopping centre appearance though I’ll give an honourable mention to a few others:
– Fiddler on the Roof promo, with crazy lady trying to film Matt on her mobile – holding the camera the wrong way round – and climbing up on the stage behind us as we tried to pretend to be madly in love for the big duet
– Random crazy telling me I was very good in the West End in ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’
– Another random crazy telling me I’d just sung very well when in fact it had been ‘young enough to be my daughter’ Katy
– Best promo ever when the shopping centre forgot to write the booking in the diary which resulted in me and Jim spending the entire day in the pub and coming up with our best business idea since microwaveable eggy bread – a restaurant that only served starters. Called Starters.

I miss singing in the shopping centre. Oh OK, I don’t. I miss going to the pub.

And on that, I’m off to the pub.


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