30 day song challenge. Day 8. “A song you know all the words to”.

I am only good at two things – writing and singing. Well, that’s not strictly true. I am good at other things – like drinking way too much, wasting money, pissing people off … but I’m only good at two things that could be seen as an asset rather than a flaw.

And as a singer I know the words to a LOT of songs. Most of them are musical theatre songs but I have sung with a couple of bands so do have the odd non-theatre song in my repertoire. So, which one to choose? I’ve gone for one with lots of words (to show you how clever I am) and one that was the first song I performed with a live band – way back in the 90s in a pub in Austria.

It’s a great song, the Madonna cover version is hideous and I will be singing all of the words this summer in a field in Somerset if the Glastonbury rumours are to be believed.


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