30 day song challenge. Day 10. “A song that makes you fall asleep”.

I suppose I could have picked a nice lullaby here but I don’t generally use music to send me to sleep. I use sleeping pills, far more effective.

So I had to opt for something so mind numbingly dull that it sends me into a bit of a coma, albeit one where my eyes are still open and I can vaguely function. It is probably not a popular choice as a lot of people seem to love this song – it’s a popular first dance at weddings, including some of my friends. But why on earth would you want to risk falling asleep through boredom during your first dance? I suppose if you’ve just got married you’re too high on adrenalin for it to have an impact.

So anyway, today’s song is by the deadly dull Snow Patrol and it’s Chasing Cars – a monotone dirge that goes nowhere and arouses no emotion other than complete and utter apathy. I’m sure there are other songs out there a lot more boring but this song has been hyped so much I think it deserved this accolade to try to redress the balance a bit.

Look at the video – even the singer is bored to death and falling asleep. Sort of.


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