30 day song challenge. Day 11. “A song from your favourite band”.

I’m not really sure I have a favourite. Do I go to the bands I loved when I was a teenager and still love today (Duran Duran, A-ha …); do I go for the band who released a brilliant first album and haven’t quite matched it since but still have some good songs (The Killers …); do I ignore the word “band” and go for the soloists I like (Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams …).

I’ve decided to pick The Raconteurs. Jack White is a genius. I love The White Stripes, am not quite so mad about Dead Weather, but think Raconteurs is the best project he’s led. Brendan Benson is also all kinds of awesome as a soloist or “a raconteur”

And this is my favourite song that they’ve written.

The White Stripes are no more and Jack has said he won’t be starting any more side projects. Not sure I believe him …


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