30 day song challenge. Day 13. “A song that is a guilty pleasure”.

OK this is the hardest yet. Looking at my ipod, just about every song on it is a guilty pleasure. Look at my CD collection and it’s even worse: Steps, S Club 7, Kylie, Take That, show tunes, Glee, football “anthems” …so for me to find an actual guilty pleasure is really difficult.

So I decided to flip it and pick a band that you would NEVER expect to see at Glastonbury – well, not if you don’t go to Glastonbury anyway. If you’ve been you’ll realise that it’s perfectly normal to see some of the biggest bands in the world one night, followed by an obscure new Indie group, some old duffers playing country and western and … er … Rolf Harris, the next.

The only thing that did surprise me about this band was that they were playing in the relatively “cool” environment of The Park – one of the festival’s newer areas, managed entirely by Emily Eavis. But there was a big crowd up there at the top of the hill in what is one of my favourite areas of the festival, singing along to Scandinavian poptastic group Alphabeat. This is their most famous song – I don’t feel particularly guilty about listening to them, but then again, I also like Girls Aloud and McFly.


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