30 day song challenge. Day 17. “A song that you hear often on the radio”.

Obviously the songs I hear on the radio are largely dependent on the playlist of the station I’m listening to. I listened to a lot more radio in my old job – as my old job didn’t involve working in an office of silence. The only sound in my new office is that of fingers tapping on keyboards. So unless I’m going to pretend I’m listening to the Stomp soundtrack, I can’t really put this down to radio play.

When I do listen to the radio at the moment, one singer does keep cropping up – Jessie J. The latest “urban” pop sensation. For some reason I really like her. It’s not my style of music, it’s repetitive and it’s auto-tuned to hell. But when she plays Glasto this summer I will watch her set. Probably. Unless I’m too drunk.

Every time one of her songs comes on the radio I decide I need to download some more of her music. And then I forget about it until the next time. Which is why I associate Jessie J with radio play at the moment.


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