30 day song challenge. Day 18. “A song you wish you heard on the radio”

What a ridiculous theme. If you want to hear a song on the radio that much, phone a request show. Chances are, if you like a song, you’ll have it on your ipod (other MP3 players are available) or that you’ll have grown to like it by hearing it on the radio.

So wishing for it to be played on the radio is rather obsolete.

I don’t listen to a lot of radio. I catch the Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1 in the morning and occasionally a bit of a show in the car. As I work in an office of silence, we don’t have the radio on so I couldn’t really tell you which songs are lacking from radio playlists.

So I’ve gone for a song that I love and one that doesn’t get played on the radio stations I listen to.

When I started this song challenge, I was determined not to include songs from musicals. The majority of the music I listen to will fall into the “show toon” category so I thought I’d save it all for the 30 day musical theatre song challenge (coming in just 12 days for all fans of diva torch songs).

But this is a stupid theme, trying to think of a song has annoyed me so sod it, I give you Defying Gravity … you can find out why I love it in 12 days’ time.


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