30 day song challenge. Day 19. “A song from your favourite album”.

OK, so is this my favourite album right here and right now? Probably not. But I’ve looked through my ipod and dismissed the albums I love that have already been covered (that would be The Killers, Hot Fuss; Amy Winehouse, Back to Black). I considered Duffy as I do love her first album but it isn’t my favourite, whereas at one point, this one was.


A really good band from the late 80s and early 90s. They wrote their own songs, played their own instruments, had personalities AND they were well fit. I discovered them just ahead of the masses when I fell in love with the melody for ‘Take on Me’. The first album (Hunting High and Low) was good but I think this was their masterpiece. It had that elusive mix of great pop songs and great musicianship that you just don’t get any more.

Maybe it’s because I’m fairly musical myself but generally I’m not a fan of songs with a repetitive beat and no real tune (see my blog from the other day and my surprise at the fact that I actually like autotuned pop princess Jessie J). Back in my day (God I’m old) we didn’t have idols who couldn’t sing or perform live. We had A-ha. And this is a damned good track.


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