30 day song challenge. Day 20. “A song you listen to when you’re angry”.

If you’ve ever met me you’ll know that I am always angry. If you’ve read this blog you’ll probably have a fairly good idea that anger is my default state. Anyway …

… picking a song to remind me of anger is tough as music is the only thing that can chill me out (and cats, but this is the 30 day song challenge rather than the 30 day cat challenge). So after spending a lot of time thinking about this one (which is annoying as if I hadn’t done that I’d be on day 29 by now) I’ve decided on something that reminds me of the good bits in the midst of anger.

So, we have the fabulous (and maybe one album wonders) Ting Tings and That’s Not My Name. This song, for some reason, is one that my colleagues and I selected to play at a charity fundraising night for my old job. And henceforth whenever we ended up pissed in the office at 2 in the morning. Seriously, who has a job where you end up pissed in the office at 2 in the morning? No wonder I find my new life tough. Spoiled by a group of colleagues you could never find anywhere else, this one is dedicated to the laydeez from the charity – Stacey, Jane, Jo-lisa, (and Iany). The best and worst of times.


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