30 day song challenge. Day 21. “A song you listen to when you’re happy”.

As you’ve probably gathered, music makes me smile. Makes me happy. So the minute I start listening to music, my bad mood, however bad it is, literally goes away.

So, as always I’ve had to cheat this one a bit. A song that gives me a massive feel good factor. There are a few. I’ve already had Mr Brightside/Darkside/Bargeside that, to be honest, I think I could use for most categories in this little game. Throw in A-ha’s Take on Me, Mika’s Grace Kelly and – cheesily – Katrina and the Waves belting out Walking on Sunshine.

Great songs.

But for some reason the one that sprung to mind was from three-hit wonder (ish) glam rock Suffolk weirdos The Darkness – it reminds me of a fun time when life was a hell of a lot less complicated, I was still cute and I could still hit the top notes without people flinching.

The fact that they released a Christmas song called “don’t let the bells end” was enough to buy this – let’s face it – novelty band, a place in my heart. So, raise a smile for The Darkness and ‘I Believe in a thing called love’ – sing along, play me at Sing Star. And lose!

See, I’m smiling.


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