100 words for stylist.co.uk … “All Aboard”

So, stylist.co.uk is running a daily microfiction competition, in which you have to write 100 words based on a photo. Here’s today’s image for inspiration:

Man getting on train

All Aboard!

All entires had to be posted between 10am and 3pm. I saw the image at 10 to 3. Unfortunately my work laptop is on the go slow of all go slows today. By 5 to 3 I had my little story. Then my laptop crashed and now it’s too late. Boo! Anywhere, here are my typically morbid 100 words of fiction:

Sunday evening in any northern town. Friends, families and lovers are busy enjoying the weekend’s last gasp in the late summer sunshine. But I’m standing alone on a grey platform waiting for a grey train to take me 200 miles from my home and my heart to a new life in London’s grey city of no soul. As half-dazed memories of our last painful farewell skip through my head I contemplate stepping out into the abyss. Teetering. A snap decision and a rush of grey steel in front of my eyes and the moment has passed. This time. All aboard.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow …


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