Leaving Facebook


I bloody love Facebook. It’s the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check at night. I love to “like”, to add friends, to share, to tag, to comment and to update my status. Probably a little bit too often for comfort.

I also use Facebook for work – as part of my job involves responsibility for social media, so I understand its benefits for a brand as well as for sharing what you’ve had for dinner and that you “need a hug”.

But not everybody shares my love of over-sharing. Some people have an account but can’t access it often. Some people just don’t “do” technology. And some people actively avoid having a profile. OK, I admit I find that a bit weird but each to their own.

Around half of the UK population has a Facebook account. For somebody like me, for whom it is an integral part of daily life, that seems fairly low. For somebody who hasn’t jumped on board the social media “revolution”, it’s probably quite reassuring.

So why is it that increasingly people are only communicating through this one channel?

  • Drinks on Friday night? Send a FB message.
  • New show to promote? Sell tickets via FB.
  • Having a party and want to invite people? Set up a FB event.

Get the picture? But what about the 50% of the population who don’t use it? Are they not welcome just because they choose to use email, telephones, face-to-face conversation?

So, to see just how much it impacts on my life I’m going to try to break the addiction and step away from the Book of Face. At the moment I have at least 3 event invitations that haven’t been communicated in any other way, excluding a lot of people who no doubt would have loved to have gone. I’m voluntarily going to join the “excluded” and see if anybody picks up the phone, sends me a text, an email, makes actual eye contact (shudder).

I have a feeling I won’t last the weekend but in theory it’s an interesting experiment …


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