Crispy Luck


Crisp-free February was HARD. Not just hard, I actually sort of failed. As my ban was on “crisps and savoury snacks” I definitely failed. I ate three nuts in a public house environment. In other words, savoury snacks. The fact that it is only three is a testament to my stubborn refusal to back down on anything. I had one coated peanut last Saturday and two chilli nuts on Tuesday. Given my total obsession with crisps and ability to inhale family bags within five minutes, I’m still going to put this one down as a success.

Today is 1st March and I had crisps with my lunch. There are also LOADS of crisps in our kitchen left over from a meeting. If I don’t eat them, they’ll be binned. Can you imagine? All those gorgeous salty, savoury, greasy delights being chucked away. Of COURSE I’ve had a few of aforementioned salty pleasures (fnar). I’m only human. And I did resist all of the chocolate that’s also sitting in the kitchen. You see, in February I massively over-compensated for my crisp-free existance by hitting the sweets and chocolate like I’ve never done before.

So … in a change to the advertised programme, this month I’m giving up chocolate and sweets. OK, so the truth is I forgot I was meant to be doing spicy foods and bought some chilli pasta sauce and a huge block of chilli cheese, so it’d be wasteful not to eat it, right? Also, it’s winter. Also, the savoury snacks I did consume during February were chilli coated which proves I am completely addicted.

Is this my first failure? Well only if I don’t “do” a month off the spices at some point. And I reckon it’ll be a lot more “do-able” in summer.

Right … chocolate free Easter it is!


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