The “sweet” smell of … failure!

I thought this month would be the easiest in terms of my enforced abstinence. I don’t consider myself to have a particularly sweet tooth and booze and crisps are my definite “vices”.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

In January I wasn’t remotely tempted by the demon drink. In February I ate three peanuts (savoury snacks were also on the blocked list but I’m definitely not a nutaholic). But this month has been an epic fail. “Sweets and chocolate”. Considering crisps are back in the diet I figured it’d be a piece of cake (so to speak. Does cake count? Not sure).

On 1st March I went out for a meal and at the end of it, happily ate the mints. Sweets. Minty sweets. It didn’t even occur to me that mints were sweets. As the month has progressed I’ve eaten a couple of after dinner mints, some tic tacs (maybe I need a mint free month) and a couple of slices of cake. Oh and some Mars Bar ice cream. And today a bar of white chocolate. None of this was a conscious breaking of my self-imposed law. I just didn’t think.

So, looks like I am a typical girl after all and my month off crisps, sweets AND chocolate is going to be nigh on impossible.

Next month  I give up meat. In theory I think that will be very very easy. In reality, will I be able to give up the burgers, the steak, the chicken madras on a Friday night?

After this month’s fail, all bets are off.


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